June 30th:

Package Pick Up - Tri It Multisport (1703 10th Ave SW, CALGARY) 

10am - 5pm 

July 1st: 

7:45 - 8:45am - Package pick-up (parking lot of pool)

8:00am - Transition Opens

8:45am - Transition Closes and Pre-Race Meeting (in transition) 

9:00am - Race Starts

We will be continuously feeding athletes into the pool starting with the slower athletes. You must check with the pool frequently to ensure you line up with your projected swim time. Please go as close to your projected swim time as possible so all 4 athletes in each lane are going the same speed. 

9:00am - Kids Transition Opens

9:45am - Kids Transition Closes and Pre-Race Meeting (grassy spectating area by pool) 

10:00am - Kids Race Starts

We will be continuously feeding athletes into the pool until all athletes from that age group are finished. You must check with the pool frequently to ensure you line up with your age group. 


Please note that we will allow ATHLETES ONLY ON POOL DECK AND IN THE WATER.

Athletes enter the pool through the spectator bleacher area about 15 minutes before your race start. Swim is a continuous flow – when one athlete leaves the water, another one enters.  


APPROXIMATE SWIM TIMES: (the swim will be a rolling start)

AGES 16+ (500m)

8:00 AM 15 minutes + swim time
8:30 AM 13-15 minutes
9:00 AM 11-13 minutes
9:30 AM 9-11 minutes
9:45 AM 9-minutes or less


10:00 AM Ages 14 - 15 (500m)

10:15 AM Ages 12 - 13 (400m)

10:30 AM Ages 10 - 11 (200m)

10:45 AM Ages 8 - 9 (100M)

11:00 AM Ages 6 - 7 (50m)

11:15 AM Under 6 (25m)

After completing the swim, athletes will exit pool through gate at west side into transition.  


The run will be along the iconic Friendship trail that connect Turner Valley and Black Diamond. There will be signs and volunteers at all age group turn around points and at the aid station at 2.5K turn around.


Adults  (Ages 16+) = 5km 



Ages 14 - 15  = 3km

Ages 12 - 13 = 2km 

Ages 10 - 11 = 1km

Ages 8 - 9  = 750m

Ages 6 - 7 = 500m

Under 6  = 250m

The Finish Line is located beside the gazebo in Millennium Park.


Why do I have to purchase an Alberta Triathlon Association (ATA) day membership?

All participants 

Being sanctioned by the ATA ensures our participants are covered in the event of an accident along with an outside to ensure the highest safety measures are being made. 

What if I am not a strong swimmer?

We welcome all levels. You can  do any stroke that you like. 

Kids in the kids event may wear lifejackets however, water wings, pool noodles, etc are not permitted.  


Can I walk the run portion? 

Absolutely! You can run, walk or run/walk - unfortunately we do not allow crawling (yeah that is an actual rule in multi-sport events!)

Can I have music on the run?

Due to official multi-sport rules, you may not have any music (with or without headphones) and will be disqualified if you do.  

What do I wear?

The best items to wear are:

  • triathlon suit or triathlon shorts and a triathlon top

  • women/girls - bathing suit and you can slip on shorts over top after the swim

  • men/boys - bathing suit and you can slip on a shirt after the swim

NOTE: you must wear your race bib while on the run. You can either pin it to a t-shirt you put on in transition, or wear a race belt and attach your bib to that.

Visit TRI IT MULTISPORT in Calgary for all your accessory and apparel needs. 

How will my time be recorded?

Official timing will be done by professional timing company Startline Timing. You will be given a timing chip to wear on your ankle for your race. You must keep it on until you cross the finish line. Your swim time, transition time and your run time will be recorded and added together for your overall time. 

Will there be drinks and nutrition along course?
Yes! We will have water, 
electrolytes and gels. We will post which brand and flavour as soon as we receive final word. 

Will there be food at the finish line?

Yes! We will have a lunch for each athlete when they cross the finish line! We will have dairy-free and gluten-free options available. 

Are there awards?

All athletes will receive a finisher's medal. We will not be presenting age-group awards however, results will be posted on the website so you can see where you placed within your age group.


Under 6

6 - 7 years

8 - 9 years

10 - 11 years

12 - 13 years

14 - 15 years



16 - 19 years

20 - 29 years

30 - 39 years

40 - 49 years

50 - 59 years

60 - 69 years


Where do I park?

Athletes and spectators: General public parking can be found at the school, fire hall & motel for the athletes & spectators. There will be parking attendants on hand to guide you to the parking areas. Please do not park at The Flare ‘n Derrick as that is reserved for volunteers.

Where are the washrooms?

There are various washrooms available on the day – See map for exact placement of washrooms.
Swimming Pool:  x 4
Flare ‘n Derrick: x 6
Ball Diamond: x 2

Where do my friends and family spectate?

Swim: They can view the swim portion at the pool in the bleachers and on the grassy area inside the fence.
Run: They can watch and cheer from the grassy area near the gazebo in Millennium Park (near the finish line). Family and friends may NOT cross the finish line with you.